A concoction of ice cold tequila, tabasco, Roses, and lemon-lime mix Garnished with black pepper. Co-invented by the LV4.
After the Cubbies game the LV4 headed to the Gingerman to have a few chainsaw shots along with their brewskis.
by LV4 February 01, 2008
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to fuck someone...while making absurd chainsaw noises...(not recommended with someone u like or love)...also works without the noises.
man i gave that girl the chainsaw last night...(chainsaw noises)

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a)A motor-driven spiked chain. Can range in size from a couple of inches to several metres. The chain moves at a high speed, and with great power. It can do the work of a manual saw in a fifth of the time.

b) to use a) to destroy something.
"I need a chainsaw to cut down this tree."

"I chainsawed the tree"
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004
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Normally a power tool. Recently used as the weapon of choice in a multitude of gore films.
Cody loves Chainsaws because that's what the villian uses to kill his victims.
by Cody Wessel September 11, 2006
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