Copying or having the same thing as someone.
"Why did you chafe me!"
by Prolord March 23, 2017
A white rash around the genitals caused by rubbing or itching the scrotum or inner thigh. Commonly a result of masterbation. Chafe off-cuts can occur when the chafe is taken from the infected area and smeared somewhere else on the subject.
by off cuts January 8, 2003
I'm chafin up a storm underneath this blanket
by Ass Ice September 20, 2003
More than just a flex or razz, its a religion...
*Will flexes his jawline*

Nandos Crew: " Up the fucking chafe!"
by Nandos Crew March 19, 2018
Fart. Comes from the fact that the skin of your butt cheeks "chafes" as the gas escapes.
It stinks in here. Who chafed?
by Meat Machine September 2, 2008
Using a word and having it meaning something else along the way that has no direct connection to the original meaning of the word in any way, shape, nor form,
Dave’s foodshop chafed it’s menu. While selling kale to the Democratic Energy Association, he didn’t realise it was actually marijuana he was selling. The Democratic Energy Association decided to chafe back at him and spoke on television and said” Poor David suddenly had no clue he had a murder charge coming right at him!
by DaveShaw May 13, 2018