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Some dude who thinks that he is overly awesome. He looks awesome, but will treat a woman very bad and then feel good about himself.
I can't believe that dumb girl is falling for that chache! He is fake. That chache has nice clothes but will treat her like crap.
by Darrin May January 25, 2013
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A badass Mexican gangster who doesn't take shit from anyone. Probably also has good hair.
Damn look at that swag. He a chache!
by BananaFoster November 29, 2011
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A greasy man with a white trash personality who vapes 24/7. Can be used at a noun, verb, adjective, or anything in between to describe the vaping process.
Look at the Chache over there blowing those huge clouds. I wish I could chache like that.
by theoriginalchache February 23, 2017
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A dude who wears way-overpriced lounge or sports clothes (rip-aways) or Hugo Boss, but works as a janitor, is from another country and is dark in complexion, who looks greasy and who is always trying to look cool (thinly-masked insecurity). An underling who struggles to adjust to the culture he is in. Sometimes, a young Hispanic or Albanian male, who usually brags about his organized-crime-family connections, his sexual conquests, and his car with repetition to the annoyance of the listener, typically in a fake-italian accent, trying to present himself as a 'Godfather' type.
Typically dates chache girls, whose tits and ass drape over her too-small clothes and beg for you to peer, and has lots of fake hair, nails; not a natural beauty; a cheap tart.

From "Happy Days", the characters Joni and Chache.
That guy is such a chache! Did you see the way he was starring at that girl's butt, cat-calling and making annoying whistling sounds and pig-dog grunts? Look at his black & white loungewear, what a fucking chache!

That chache is masturbating his car again.
by lovescalifornia July 16, 2009
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