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A term for whites that is what "African-American" is to blacks. The term "European-American" will never be applied to whites due to double standards in racial equality in the United States.
A Guy: Hey! look at that black guy over there!
Another Guy: Hey! you said black guy! That's racist. They're called African Americans. Racist!
A Guy: But he mostly likely isn't from Africa! I bet he hasn't even been there, or at least met a family member who was born there! If he's called an African-American, I should be called a European-American!
Another Guy: Racist! You racist! You...! I hope you die!
Smart Guy: You're right, you should be called that. But that'd make sense, so you will never be called a European-American. You see, there are double standards when it comes to racial equality, despite a general want to attain equality. So, 'white guy,' what you see over there is an African-American. Got it?
by Arnold March 26, 2005

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being annaly raped, having the walls of one's rectum shifted or expanded.

symbol; ( 0 )
connie's daughter is going to get her shit puuuuuushed in, by me ( o )
by Arnold February 24, 2004

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With Burzum being a one man band, 1/2 of the members cannot be in jail. Lets work on our math.
1 - 1 = 0, not 1/2 of 1
by Arnold February 08, 2004

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a mexican who thinks they are black and gansta..
cross between a mexi and nigger.. nigga...
jose b is a migga!!!!
by ARNOLD May 05, 2004

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an asiatic person...usually a major babe
wow look at that tight sini
by Arnold April 12, 2004

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arnold fucking rules
what a hot head, let off some steam
by arnold October 14, 2003

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Your pisan, neega, buddy, amigo, hermano...
hey chache - wassup?
by arnold November 20, 2003

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