Japenese pronuciation of 'N I G G E R.'
Oh, whats up my NEEEEEEGA
by PBR June 08, 2004
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nigga, but not a nigga. more like a white nigga who the blacks do not want to call a white a true nigga.
person 1: you’re a neega. not a nigga.

person 2: aw man, is it because i’m white?
by yumbee December 07, 2017
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A term used to express favorable (and mutual) bonds between people. Similar to the Ethiopian 'Negus' noun (meaning: king/royalty), it can be used to verbalize high regards. It aims to disarm harmful association that has been placed on terms like (but not ltd to) 'nigga' , 'nigger' & 'negro'.

'Neega' is typically used with the same discretion as words such as 'lover'. Like all other words, 'Neega' was created in 2012 by two people (who didn't yet know they were 'Neegas' plural. Similar to the word, 'Nigga', it can be used to show friendship or bond- however, on the contrary, there is no negative association with it. The sincerity that naturally attached implies uniqueness, and those who use it regularly may only associate it with one (or few) person(s) of interest. Google Translate's 2018 results, show it synonymous with the French term "avec l'aide", which can then be reverse translated to the Eng. equivalent, "with help". Similarly, 'Neega' has also been trans. into the Estonian term for "with the aid of". It is only a matter of time before it is used widely by other cultures. (not exclusive to any age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other ethnic backgrounds, or demographics. The young lovers who first publicly birthed the endearing term were two Millennials (the biggest demographic on Earth today, with an estimated count of roughly 2 Billion people globally) At initial use, it's value had not yet been anticipated. It should be used sparingly.
*reinforcing appreciation* :
"Thank you for spending time with me today, Neega."

*to emphasize dismay, or temporary unfulfillment*
"Neega, please don't do that again. It bothers me."

*To start conversation*
"Good morning, Neega:)"

It can also be simplified to one word responses to highlight common knowledge; such as (but not limited to) communicating the discontentment of being hurt*

by dp MAjOR June 02, 2019
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Plural form of neega. It is a word that an individual may use to refer to one of his/her companions. It is a twist on the original word "nigga," which is slang for "nigger."
"Yo, what up? My little neegas!"
by Andrew Lucky March 26, 2014
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A twist of the word“nigga” (often used to describe a pal/friend by millennials) with a combination of the upgraded word “man” (often used to replace the word “bro”). Neega Mang is a much deeper way of calling someone your bud/pal/friend/bro/nigga, they are your Neega Mang.
How’s my favorite neega mang? What’s up neega mang?! Yo, we going cruising today, neega mang?
by Yoboi8 June 17, 2018
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