Shortened phrase replacing certified
by Alittleawkward January 27, 2017
Urban word for describing someone who is authorised or has experience in the streets.
“My resume is still certy
by KingKong65 February 22, 2021
short for certified. When someone or something is really cool
My friend can do a back flip. That is so "Certi"
by D_MANLYK June 1, 2017
certi si basically the short way of saying certified
A: see Nathan and Rachel have been dealing for 3 years and they haven't cheated on eachother
B: rahh they're relationship is certi
by Teddz Ldn April 4, 2015
A man with the power to give titles on GWJ. He also seems to have an afinity for womens underwear.
by KrazyTaco[FO] February 15, 2005
British slang. Short for certified, means “cool” or “sick”.

Similar meaning to other British slang terms ‘sweet as’ or ‘sound’
Mark: “i’m gonna bun in my gaff when the missus is out if you’re up for it”
Philip: “yes mate that’s certi”
by ahj03 September 17, 2021
another way to describe the music made by a vintage rock band called queen.
Freddie Mercury made a certi song today.
by good old fasioned lover boy March 27, 2019