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short for certified. When someone or something is really cool
My friend can do a back flip. That is so "Certi"
by D_MANLYK June 01, 2017
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certi si basically the short way of saying certified
A: see Nathan and Rachel have been dealing for 3 years and they haven't cheated on eachother
B: rahh they're relationship is certi
by Teddz Ldn April 04, 2015
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A man with the power to give titles on GWJ. He also seems to have an afinity for womens underwear.
by KrazyTaco[FO] February 14, 2005
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another way to describe the music made by a vintage rock band called queen.
Freddie Mercury made a certi song today.
by good old fasioned lover boy March 27, 2019
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