One who has achieved 100 sexual conquests.
Damien: Jarrod is a centurion
Stuart: What do you mean?
Damien: Jarrod has slept with over 100 women. 100 is a century, so that makes him a Centurion. I'm at 90.
by duckety December 28, 2016
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A good way to get back one of your friends. When you approach someone who is sleeping, you pull out your cock and balls, place your balls over their eyes and your cock down their nose thus creating the illusion of a centurion's helmet. Photos optional.
Mike: "fucking Tom gave me a fruit basket today!"
Paul: "centurion his ass tonight!"
by Johnny Gibson September 13, 2007
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Centurions are the sassiest and sexiest people to ever touch the face of the earth. Some might even say that they are too sexy for this camp.
Centurions too sexy for this camp x3
Centurions too sexy for this camp x2
by 欧许 November 23, 2018
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As other people have said 100 shots (beer) and 100 minutes. You may need a sober person timing if you are soft. If you have balls, go the double, this will get you fucked off your face and you will DEFINATELY need a timer.

If you cant make 100, everyone knows you are a pussy.
That centurion was a cheap way of getting off my face.


That centurion killed
by Lext February 26, 2009
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A badass who is a Hybrid, and trains the pikemen to beat the shit out of you while you execute.
That Centurion is really good, goddamn.
by David Bowe6969 December 07, 2019
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