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A word used by women to demean men who they find unattractive or low status.
Ughh, he tried to ask me out... what a creep!
by Kelsey H. July 06, 2018

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An awareness test for social justice bloggers. Before making a post:

1. Replace "straight" / "white" / "male" / "cishet", and the like with equivalent words for minorities targeted by the Nazis (Jews, Gypsies, blacks...).

2. Replace words such as "women", "trans", "lesbian", etc with Nazi-friendly terms (Aryans, Germans, master race...).

3. If the result sounds like Nazi propaganda or something that could be right out of Hitler's Mein Kampf, it it passes the Mein Kampf test.


Original: 'I don't understand how people get so offended when a women says she hates all men. Hating men isn't "sexism" it's common sense.'

Mein Kampf test: 'I don't understand how people get so offended when an Aryan says she hates all jews. Hating jews isn't "racism" it's common sense.'
If you find yourself passing the Mein Kampf test, you should probably reconsider your social justice blogging habits.
by Kelsey H. June 16, 2016

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Insult - A girl that is well known to become extremely drunk to the point of passing out and puking. Usually at big get together's where the embarassment the next day for such a girl is worse.
"Dude! That girl is such a lushbag."

*The day after* "What's up Lushbag."
by Kelsey H. July 08, 2005

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A party that consists of no alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or other drugs. Usually a party thrown by kids with little or no friends, for reasons such as

- Parents being home

- The person is just simply a loser
- The person is religious, and/or focused on sobriety
His parents are home, so the party is just going to be a pop and chipper.
by Kelsey H. June 08, 2018

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A person who has graduated from high school but still parties with high school teenagers. Typically, high school boys hate them and high school girls fuck them.
Tommy: Man that party sucked, all the supergrads took our girls.

Jimmy: At least they bought us beer!
by Kelsey H. March 20, 2007

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People living 100 years or longer.
Dan works out for longevity, he wants to be a centurion.
by Kelsey H. June 17, 2020

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