a. big smart ass!
b. the best friend that anyone could ever ask for
she over worries about the ones that she loves and she cares about everyone close to her
c. her name is quite uncomman, which means she is a bad ass.
d. she can be lazy at times, but will always be there for her friends no matter what, especially her best friend
Lindsey: "I need help from a friend.. but they wont help"
Sally: "Cecilie is on her way to help you!"
by momma769 August 3, 2010
She is one of the most if not the most amazing people you will ever find on earth

the thing about her is that she is real. She will have you back no matter what and always stand by your side.
She is unbelievably beautiful, Sexy AF and SMOKING hot.

She is independent and determent on everything she is doing.
She is real and lovely.
if you have a Cecilie like min ein your life, do everything in your power to keep her. And she will do the same for you.
Life: *sucks*
Cecilie: I am here for you
Me: how the f*uck are you this amazing?
by NoaogNala April 1, 2020
A nice crack head that is very sensitive. She will only be mean if ur mean. She tries to keep in her felling but can’t all the time
Patrisha: Who’s that?

Catrina: It’s the crack head Cecilie
Cecilie is a popular girl, that is obsessed with TikTok, she is funny and tall, in class she doesn’t talk much, but when she’s not in class she is crazy.
Cecilie loves dancing with her BFF Melissa, they both play piano, and has a lot of talents.

Cecilie is very good in school
She loves shopping with Melissa, cuz they are both obsessed with clothes

Cecilie doesn’t really know how to be a girlfriend, and doesn’t really wants one
Cecilie has a lot of obsessions but what she is most obsessed with is Shawn Mendes!!
1 person: Cecilie is pretty cute
2 person: sorry but she’s more into people like Shawn Mendes
by This is tru August 1, 2020
Cecily. Someone who is really sweet, caring, pretty and you feel like you always want to be around her. She never draws attention to herself and is a very smart girl but doesn't want to deny it.
Hey, she has to be a Cecily!
by TheWordMister July 15, 2016
a girl that is reallly pretty, smart, and funny. someone who you always want to be around, and everyone want s to be friends with her!
Cecily is a girl
by smiley mley August 25, 2008
You got caught doing the Celilier in Everquest II, bitch!
by Nino December 21, 2004