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A gorgeous, sexy,brown haired, has an awesome body, beautiful girl! she is the most wonderful person ull ever meet!
patrisha is so hot!
to bad shes with that other guy...
by Mittens63 February 05, 2010
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a absaloute b
oh my god patrisha your so... pretty
by yoyoyo_1 November 12, 2018
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A beautiful girl who's very hard to come across, she has the best personality. Super intelligent and whenever you're feeling down, she will always have your back :)
Person 1: Wow, look at Patrisha, she's so beautiful !

Person 2: And she's smart!
by Veggies/ Dirt March 04, 2018
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she’s not the “perfect” person she does make hella mistakes, but she’s an amazing person on the inside even tho she acts like a “total bitch” on the outside, she grew up not in a good place & has daddy issues.. she has pretty curly hair either brown/blonde hair. She also isn’t booksmart, she’s streetsmart & doesn’t play games she’ll drag a bitch on sight she doesn’t give af
Wow did you see patrisha drag Kayla?
by Ghbhjhgmghnghjh January 03, 2018
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