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The most caring, lovable guy you could ever possibly know. Shoot, you can probably just title him as a big teddy bear! He acts like a hard ass, but honestly he has a big heart. He will go through so much just to be with his girl friend. He doesn't rush his girl(s), he's a true gentlemen. Sure, he makes a few mistakes but he tries to fix them soon in the future. He's not perfect but trust me, you would fall in a deep love spell with him. He has such a way with words. A bit of a heart breaker but hey who isn't /:
Hey, did you hear? Ceasar broke up with his girlfriend again!

Ceasar and his girl were totally swapping spit at his house last night!
by bereaal February 02, 2018
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The act of gutting someone, wrapping their intestines around their neck, anchoring one end on a solid object and overboarding them off of a cliff. Therefore, hanging them by their own entrails.
Dude, I'm so pissed off I think I'll ceasar that piece of shit.
by Brian H November 06, 2004
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Person with a strong dick game. He is so hot and sexy. He gets hit on a lot of only goes with the bitch he is dating.
Andrea: Damn ceasar is lookin so fine today
by Kvng Jinx April 02, 2017
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a cocktail made of Motts Clamato juice and vodka, with tabasco, worchestershire sauce, and salt and pepper to taste. The glass is rimmed with celery salt and a lime and celery stick are the most common garnish. Other garnishes include: hot pepper, pickle, asparagus spear
What Jane missed the most about travelling outside of Canada was her favourite drink, the Ceasar
by khrysler May 26, 2006
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the nipples on the chest of humans, often used for "turn on" purposes.
many women rub their ceasars when they butterfly.
by Trent F August 06, 2006
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(noun) nigga, slang for a black person
That nigga's soo ceasar.

That Ceasar was looking mighty nigga today.

Look at that black ass ceasar!
by gangstafizzledizzleforizzle August 24, 2005
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