the biggest asshole in the world, but has the biggest heart, the greatest person you'll ever enjoy your time with, someone who can comfort you when your feeling down, someone you can share your laughter with, although he can be not that much of a talker but he shares his feelings with someone who he can trust and care about, he's a little sensitive, don't get him mad, cuz really, he can hate you for ever, his personality sucks at times but you need to get to know him better before you judge him, people may think he's a insensitive jerk but he really is a nice guy, he comes up with the funniest jokes ever, someone who goes through a lot of bull shit but is still strong after all the shit he's been through, someone who needs to overcome some obstacles, someone who does not see clearly to what he has and makes it invisible. overall he's the kind of guy any one would want to be with, he's just GREAT! you'll love him.
anyone would be lucky to have a cazz...
by secretxoxo8709 January 20, 2009
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A smart, intelligent girl with the best eye color and the best smile.Tells a lot of jokes really clumsy any boy would be great with her.
Holy cow it that a cazz
Ya why”

“She is cute”
by Calandras June 24, 2019
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To move around aimlessly, paying little attention to your surroundings, possible obstacles, other people, surrounding events, and other consequential occurences.
Person 1: "Did you notice that Gypsy peeing in the middle of the street just there?!?!"

Person 2: "Nope. I was too busy Cazzin' around. I actually just ran into a blind person while you weren't looking."

Person 1: "Classic."
by MuttGT July 11, 2008
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that boy is a cazz that girl is a cazz
by francesca123 April 8, 2007
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When you have a car, then Mark Cazz pulls up and asks where you get that car from.
by FurryMathias September 23, 2020
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