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When a man and woman participate in anal sex (chocolate), oral sex, including ejaculation (vanilla), and vaginal sex (strawberry) in the same sexual session.
Man 1: I can't believe Donna let you go Neapolitan last night.
Man 2: Yeah, I saved Strawberry for last, since it's my favorite.
by YoichiAkio November 02, 2010
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Any sexual act including, at least, a threesome of individuals, each having a different hair color. Specifically a brunette, blonde, and red head (thus resembling neapolitan ice cream).
"Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, and Isla Fisher would be one neapolitan I'd love to eat in bed."
by itgoessoslow March 29, 2012
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A Sexual Endeavor
Insert penis into a bloody vag, then insert penis into butt, suck off to finish.
"My girl is on the rag, so I gave her a Neapolitan "

"Woah, you got it in all three holes?"

"Fuck'n A"
by jkad March 20, 2008
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When you pack a bowl that contains bud, kief, and hash which resembles the icecream
That Neapolitan was so dank, it put me on that next level trippin.

Phil: hey bro you tryna pack a Neapolitan?

Stew: Hell yea. I want to get high
by Yul Perkins September 08, 2013
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Adding feces into the strawberry shortcake. Specifically, a man ejaculates on his partner's face, punches his partner's nose causing bleeding, and defecates on his partner's face. The resulting mixture of semen, blood, and feces is what is required to characterize this sequence of actions as the 'Neapolitan' maneuver. Conceivably, a woman with the ability to 'squirt' could perform a similar maneuver on a partner.
"Man, last night I skeezed on my girlfriend's face, then punched her in the nose, then shat on her face."
"Oh, sweet, you gave her the Neapolitan!"
by Satanigers April 24, 2007
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