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Simply said, a girl who is pretty freakin awesome in every way- shape -or form. Usually a pretty bad ass supa fly chick, if you come across one that doesn't fit this difinition, She's not a true Cayleigh & should definitly be revoked of the name.
Damn, I am so lucky to call that Cayleigh chick my friend. I feel so blessed to even know her.
by Juliet123 February 04, 2010
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She is very sweet and nice. She gets scared easily. She’s a bit weird and crazy but she is very loyal and bootiful.
“Cayleigh is bootiful
by Cayleigh's biggest fan November 21, 2018
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Hot, sexy, funny, cute and popular. This girl will always have a crush/boyfriend. All of the boys secretly like her and she gets asked out every day but never by her crush. As she grows older boys will alway fight over her
That cayleigh is so hot.
by Cayleigh's biggest fan March 12, 2017
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Cayleigh is a girl who is always crushing on the same person, no matter how hard she tries to convince you otherwise, don’t believe her. She is very passionate about things that she likes. The name is Irish and is actually spelt Ceilidh. Cayleigh will have red hair and a ton of freckles and some think this is cute others think it’s weird. Cayleigh is Irish and loves animals and music.
Boy 1: Cayleigh do you still like that guy?
Cayleigh: Nope
Boy 2: Don’t believe her...
Boy 1: Why?
Boy 2: She’s lying she obviously still likes him.
by Cayleigh's biggest fan October 28, 2017
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Cayleigh- proper noun Someone who provides a very needed service for the community and sleeps with everyone, even the guy that has no shot at getting laid and everyone knows it.
FuItR: She will give him a sympathy fuck either because someone asked her to or she just has to fuck everyone she knows. These are great people, and without them sex crimes would definitly increase. Thank you cayleigh, where ever you are.
God cayleigh just gave me a bj for $5 yesterday.
by skeet! skeet! skeet! July 04, 2004
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a cayleigh also known as a thot is a complete and total bitch who likes to have wild affiliations with dumbass jerks. she also loves eating cum and fingering herself till she cums. her favourite passtime is trying to beat up people. she likes short ugly invertebrates as mates
that cayleigh is a right thot

cayleigh needs to get her shit together

"you reckon i could get a little succ?" he asked cayleigh
via giphy
by dArk_wEb_kId779 June 12, 2018
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