My Hero, known as a twitch freak, that hums down our schools halways, and pretends that he is a plane, we think hes a teacher but he isn't. A grade 12 student. He's Hairy as hell!
by Mides November 19, 2008
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Caveman is a kid who feens for Xbox 360 (plays Halo 3 all day everyday), no one in the neighbourhood knows him, until he goes to school but even then no one notices him unless he is talking about his double kill or triple kill that he did last night.
Person A- Yo did u do ur homework man?
Caveman- Nah. but i did do an overkill on Halo 3.
Person A- shit ur are a caveman.
by ill joke,ill life January 23, 2009
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also known as an alter ego. when you are so drunk that your body can only function by the means of 1. FOOD 2. BEER 3. WOMAN 4. DISTRUCTION
you can see a " caveman " roaming the streets of Frostburg MD usually pinching bootys and smackin ass. "UGHHH"
by fattyb November 14, 2007
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a term to define the point in which the face starts to eat the nose, creating the image of a caveman.
wow, Joe must be the missing link, did you see that caveman!
by wohah July 19, 2003
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To Beat Someone To Death With A Rocket Launcher In The Halo Series

Favoured By Gunn
Bartaci: Maaaate...
Gunn: Oh No You Dont CAVEMAN!
by Gunntesticle September 16, 2007
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Someone who is so behind in times, technology, trends, styles, fads, popular culture, etc., that you would think that they are a caveman from the Stone Age.
Person 1: *comes to school in a loincloth*

Person 2: A loincloth? That was last week's fad! This week's all "about spacesuits... Get with the progam, Caveman!"
by Introducing Organisms March 15, 2010
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