The act of meowing at people as you pass by them in a mall or other highly populated locations, for fun or game such as: getting a verbal reaction scores 1 point, turnarounds or lookarounds don't count. Current record 1. Invented November 8 2011 in corpus Christi due to boredom and being a cat person.
Cater: spent my time cating as i went from store to store in the mall.

friend: anyone react?
Cater: yeah one person said " I don't get it " it was a verbal reaction so I got 1 point
by MrNekojin November 9, 2011
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A female name short for Catherine. Cate is a goddess on two legs. A girl lucky enough to be named Cate is generally one of the most beautiful, cutest, geniune girls you will ever meet. Legend has it that she is an absolute beast in bed, but there are so few that have experienced such a heaven.
Example 1:
Guy 1: Man I can't believe you dumped Cate. You'll never have anyone like her again.
Guy 2: Yes I know, biggest mistake of my life.

Example 2:
Girl 1: Damn, I wish I could be just like Cate.
Girl 2: I know, she's so sweet and pretty.

Example 3:
Guy 1: I'm sorry, but it's over. I want to be with Cate.
Girl 1: Everyone wants to be with Cate...
by Archipel March 1, 2009
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a girl who has the strongest outside and appears to be unbreakable. everyone’s jaw drops when she walks in. she has a glowing fire in her eyes. the more you get to know her the more you discover exactly the girl she is. she is a passionate, determined, loving , funny ,and stunning. once she falls in love with you there is no getting back up. you will always be significant to her and she will always be there for you until the very end. no matter what the world gives cate she will fight back with power and give it everything she has. Care can stand up for herself and if you say something about her she and her friends will help you kick there ass.Cates can connect with people unlike anyone else can. it is a gift. if you are lucky enough to be close with a girl named cate never lose her because she is truley one of a kind and she will always be there for you. Cate is strong and not afraid to kick your ass. She is so stunning. Cate is also very athletic and a great athlete tho she may be aggressive she is very competitive and makes a great athlete.
Cate is so chill and fun to hangout around. She gives me boners tho 🥵
by Care Steweart November 29, 2019
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Cate is the most beautiful organism to ever walk the earth. Cate is prettier then pretty, kinder then kind, smarter then smart, and tells the best jokes. Any person to know cate should buy a lottery ticket because that’s how lucky they are. Cate is also amazing at everything she does.
Damn, I haven’t known this cate girl for long but I already like her.
by Eibdbdhehhe May 14, 2018
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the epitome of style, taste, and class
Audrey Hepburn was so cate.
by onesong May 18, 2006
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a gorgeous girl who cares for everyone. not only is she kind and cool but she is extremely athletic and a competive player. she can talk to anyone and is very friendly. she can make you laugh even on our worst days. she has class and is a beast in bed and can kiss better than naomi clark. she thinks outside the box and is always making up new inventions. she plays hard to get and you are lucky if you can get her. if you ever meet a girl name cate, hold on to her because she will always be there for you and she cares about everyone. cate is the one.
Boy: that girl can kiss like cate.

Boy: why did i EVER dump cate!
by thenamegame April 5, 2017
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Doge's cat sister. She gave her life to Dogein order for earth and all the planets to be formed. One of the two gods of Dogeism. She is very kind and respects nature.
"Guy: Earth sucks, I wish I could go to space!"
"Dogeist: You should be grateful that you have Earth thanks to Cate's sacrifice."
by DogeTheSavior December 3, 2014
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