1. the name of China known to medieval Europe.
2. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (aka Cathay Pacific/Cathay). the flag carrier of Hong Kong founded in 1946 with the head office and main hub located at Hong Kong International Airport. it is a member of the One World Alliance.
Cathay Pacific operates a fleet of over 130 aircrafts.
by CathayPacific001 May 7, 2020
An Asian short girl who loves stealing people’s lines and loves kpop kdrama and all that kshit. She is the most amazing girl to meet because she will make u laugh with all her lame jokes and weird looking faces she makes. Overall cathai is a one bad bitch.
Cathai is funnai.
by Professur June 20, 2018
1.Ancient English version word China
2.Cathay Airline, located in Singapore
Cathay Airline, Cathaykid which is a kid from China. Commonly widly used Screen name among yahoo, MSN, and many many instant messenger tools.
by C.W..... February 5, 2007
When you gamble in lose during a trans-Pacific flight.
We had just crossed the international date line when I had a Cathay Disaster and shit my pants. The flight attendant told me to never trust a fart in Asia
by undiesj October 12, 2011
One of the best airline in the world with four awesome lounges at their hub, Hong Kong.
I just flew Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong and it was the best flight ever!
by 404_name_not_found December 7, 2018
To steal or otherwise obtain money or property from others. An Australian scam method
"Looks like they worked the full Cathay-overstreet on him.
by Richard J. Lovell June 21, 2005
Cathay Dragon is an airline based in Hong Kong. It's parental company is Cathay Pacific Airways. It mostly operates Airbus A320, Airbus A321 and Airbus A330. It only operates Asian flights and it's a member of OneWorld Alliance.
A: I like Cathay Dragon.
B: Don't be so 8745.
by CX King March 12, 2019