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When someone you're sharing a bed with rolls themselves up tightly into all the blankets.
You caterpillared all night last night and I was freezing!
by Annavyns June 04, 2014
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When someone is talking about one subject and then because of a rogue ADD thought in their head completely changes topics to the dismay of the others in the conversation.
"OK Bob, we were talking about the football game before you caterpillared to the subject of what color you painted your living room, back on topic."
by Jedi Archer December 15, 2011
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The third "stage" of feeling after smoking marijuana, the first being completely high, the second being caterpillared and the third being stoned. This stage is longer than the peak or first stage and effects such as messed up vision are no longer detectable, but some effects, such as increased sense of touch and euphoria, still exist. Highly recommended, no pun intended.
OMG rubbing the tops of my feet feels sooooo good....hee hee hee, I'm so caterpillared.
by best person ever period February 25, 2009
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