The act of pouring hot wax on your balls to create a covering like a cocoon.
I am going to cocoon myself.
by Dawn Keebals January 13, 2020
Babarney didid yoyou shshoot ththat cocoon ?
by Babastardo June 20, 2008
When someone is at a party and they pass out, then everyone else ejaculates on them. Then when they wake up in the morning, they have to break out of their cocoon.
We totally cocooned that pledge last night, bro!
by Hellsa House September 18, 2008
slang term for a woman's female sex organ; a woman's vagina
My wife was so frisky last night and asked me to cum in her cocoon.

Would you like to put your hand in my cocoon and feel how warm it is?

by melwanip April 16, 2009
A heart breaking song, written by singer/songwriter Jack Johnson. Featured as track 14 on his album On and On.

Cocoon tells the story of a man who feels that a break-up with his significant other is growing closer and closer. He knows that it's coming, and he feels that if it's over, he just wants it to be over so the healing can begin. Personally, i think it illustrates the scene from someone who truly cares for the girl, and only wants her to be happy... even if it means crushing his own feelings.
Well based on your smile
I'm betting all of this
Might be over soon
But your bound to win
Cause if I'm betting against you
I think I'd rather lose
But this is all that I have

So please
Take what's left of this heart and use
Please use only what you really need
You know I only have so little
So please
Mend your broken heart and leave

I know it's not your style
I can tell by the way that you move
It's real, real soon
But I'm on your side
And I don't want to be your regret
I'd rather be your cocoon
But this is all that you have

So please
Let me take what's left of your heart and I will use
I swear I'll use only what I need
I know you only have so little
So please
Let me mend my broken heart and

You said this was all you had
And it's all I need
But blah blah blah
Because it fell apart and
I guess it's all you knew
And all I have
But now we have
Only confused hearts and
I guess all we have
Is really all we need

So please
Let's take these broken hearts and use
Let's use only what we really need
You know we only have so little
So please
Take these broken hearts and leave
by TheBrownDuke October 22, 2007
The act of flipping or reversing a book-bag; backpack; luggage; duffel bag; or any other form of bag inside out. All items previously in the bag must be placed back in the cocooned baggage and zippered if possible.
Typically done when the victim is gone or not looking, although there are certain savage-like situations where one can cocoon right in front of the victim without them knowing.
"Quick, lets cocoon his bag before he comes back"
"You better not cocoon me while I'm gone"
by prettyboydiryboy November 27, 2018