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When your girlfriend is mad at you so she takes all the blankets and systematically wraps herself up like a caterpillar. This, preventing you from having any blankets... so you have have to sleep in the cold.
Man: I can’t come into work today because I got a cold.

Boss: Who’d you get the cold from?

Man: I got CATERPILLAR(ed) by my girl and was freezing all night..sorry boss.
by TrickyAru November 29, 2018

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Greatest woman to walk the earth with the Most GINORMOUS BOOTY in the Cosmos
I love ASH
by TrickyAru January 25, 2019

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The pillow used to strategically keep a man’s regular-sized to gigantic balls from being squished during PM sleep, nap-time or siestas.

This pillow is typically folded in half and put between the knees in the fetus or “spooning position”.
Boy: Baby, can I use that extra pillow as my BALL PILLOW tonight?

Girl: Nah, you know that pillow is for decoration only and I don’t want you stinking it up with your nasty ball sack.

Boy: Okay, then can I just use your face as my BALL PILLOW?

Girl; Sure.
by TrickyAru November 29, 2018

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