What weed looks like to some moms.
*Knocks on door and walks in to room

Mom: Why does it smell like weed in here?

Me: ...because it is weed.

Mom: Can I see it?

Me. ...sure.

Mom: Gross! It looks like cat poop!
by Sean Pollock June 30, 2013
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Used as a substitute for all and any cuss words. Or just as a noun in general.
"cat poop my life"
"you look like cat poop"
"i feel like cat poop"
"that guy is cat poop"
"oh cat poop"
"you are a cat poop"
"you are full of cat poop"
by RalphTheCat January 13, 2009
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When a woman lives in a house with a lot of cats and the cat litter boxes never get cleaned, permeating the air with the smell of cat shit, it causes the vagina and vulva to absorb the cat poop smell.
My friend stuck his fingers in my face when we were at the store
"Ugh!" I gasped, "What the fuck is that?"
"It's Melissa's vagina, I was fingering her."
"Damn, all those cats she has gave her cat poop pussy."
by Nutzen YerMouf March 15, 2018
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First you get cat - then you get some poop. Two pieces of bread - and ice cream scoop. Put the bread on down and then the cat - add two scoops of poop...how ‘bout that. You got a cat poop sandwich. -Jason Adam, 2017
Barry: the water heater broke and a pipe burst, flooded the whole basement!
Harriet: man...cat poop sandwich
by JasonAdam January 20, 2018
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Used to refer to the horrible dreadlocks of white college kids. See also trustafarian.
Townie #1: Check out that guy with the cat poop hair!
Townie #2: Yeah, I betcha that trustafarian goes to Colorado College.
by Smickey September 8, 2006
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The simile of toe jam.
Baby Gavin had cat poop between his toes.
by Doff B October 2, 2021
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Morning breath that smells akin to cat poop. Typically occurs after a night of drinking, or nacho eating.
Girl: Good morning. Jeezy creezy, you have cat poop breath!
Guy: I'm pretty sure I got into a batch last night when I was drunk.
by uvkorn7 November 19, 2010
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