When you grab and squeeze a girl/woman's breasts.
Guy-How many raisin's are in Raisin Bran??
Girl-Uh...I don't know..wtf are you talking about?
Guy-*Grabs the girls chest* Two scoops!
by FiremanPhil May 15, 2008
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an enormous ass that looks like two huge scoops of ice cream. An ass so big it makes using an escalator virtually impossible
Look at two scoops trying to fit that ass into her Escort.
by heynow_1 June 30, 2010
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1. Descriptor for a male/female that you think is hot stuff.

2. Can be used in half or no portions to describe a male/female who doesn't look bad and you would take home, but wouldn't tell anyone about later.
"Check out two scoops over there in the red sweater."

"Check the hottie over in the corner."
"Man, she's definately only one scoop at best."

"I asked Jessica to the dance, and she said she doesn't date people who aren't any scoops."
by sth21 November 17, 2005
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1. Tiny breast.
2. The poor excuse for A cups made by pale asian women.
My two scoops are better than your. Damn right, it's better than yours. I can fuck you, but I have to charge.

I can fit 2 scoops in my mouth. Damn, that's not a lot.
by Big Poppa Pimp May 24, 2004
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This is is when someone takes claim for work he or she has completed or has thought to have completed. This person is very boisterous and braggy. He or she pats them self on the back quite frequently.
Bill: did you know that I invented the first anal condom?
Ron: sure ya did, TWO SCOOPS!
by My Ninja January 8, 2012
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An enormous ass that resembles two scoops of ice cream.
How did that mom fit those two scoops into those spandex?
by heynow_1 June 25, 2010
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When two people have multiple orgasms. Usually having to be scooped out afterwards.

Can also be used for more than two, ie three four five even six scoops.
That was crazy, I just finished again, looks like you got Two Scoops.

Damn we've been at it for hours looks like we had Four Scoops.
by Two Scoops and more May 5, 2022
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