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"A small borough located in New Jersey. Carteret has a strong Irish, Polish, Italian, African American, Punjabi, Hindu, & Muslim community. They also contributed a lot to America, especially sending many young men and women to War (WWI, WWII, and Vietnam mostly).
Private Nicholas Minue was from Carteret. He's a renowned military hero, even having a public elementary school named after him.
by Carteretian January 23, 2010
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A town located just off the 12th Exit of the Turnpike. Home to many fine establishments; IE Such's, Kelly's Pub, and Charlie's Angels. Commonly known for it's rich industrial commerce. However, has been made infamous by it's long standing reputation as a leader in drug distribution, sales, and consumption. Traditionally recognized for it's ability to produce crime, alien encounters, and football prowess.
If you come to Carteret and run your mouth, your bound to get Timberland up.
by Nick Conte October 04, 2005
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My hometown, a small town in New jersey, full of Ukrainian + polish people, me being both and proud.
Carteret is a great place to live
by Thegreatgeno May 17, 2007
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Carteret is the arm-pit of not only new jersey but of america!

Dirty Jerz New Jersey
Dont forget Kelly's Pub it is like a carteret high school reunion in there.
by WRJ December 16, 2004
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