When a woman is standing in the middle of like 20 guys and swallows everything ... the opposite of a train. A disgusting internal Bukkake Throat-baby of massive proportions.
Lil Kim nearly died when she rode the carousel and there was 1 pint of sperm in her stomach.
by MoreGiving April 04, 2011
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One or multiple girls are bent over and the guys are in a circle around them stroking only a few time before moving clockwise around the girl
Kendle, Ryan, and Cooper ran a carousel on Taylor monday night.
by Kenitouchurgenitals January 18, 2017
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A game where a number of people gather in e.g. a park, each bringing a short entertainment that they’ve chosen to share with one person at a time.

They then spend 10 mins with one other participant, both sharing a poem, story, song, or anything else that might entertain their partner.

After that, one of each pair moves around the Carousel and shares with the next person. Eventually, half of them have enjoyed the other half’s activity, and the Carousel concludes.
I met Juniper at last month's carousel; we shared spells for mending heartache.
by burblerr September 17, 2021
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*Takes some pretty high level sex-skills*
Man lays down, girl rides. literally. Have your girl spin as she moves up and down. Be careful of friction. Good luck!
A: How'd last night go?
P: Perfect.
A: Carousel?
P: yup.
A: Get it in.
by The Carousel Master June 30, 2011
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1. some type of ride involving fake horses

2. an awsome song by the band Hybrid Theory, who has since then changed their name to Linkin Park and gone on to continue making awsome songs
1. i havnt been on a carousel in a long while

2. ive been listening to "carousel" on repeat for about an hour now
by lena January 28, 2004
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when you listen to a song that you dont know what it is despite it being right in your face so you ask "is this carousel?".
Dave: *listens to a song he doesn't know despite it being right in his face with his buddies* iS ThIS CaRoUsEl?"
Everyone else: "Perhaps."
by SparklezSupreme69 August 11, 2020
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I dunno wut the rest of u guys hoo r doing these definitons are thinkin, but carousel is a musical. the movie stars shirley jones and gordon macrae.
Im doing the show Carousel this summer
by Jewlz June 19, 2005
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