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A pretty and smart girl with a strong head on her shoulders. Often the strong head can be seen as stubborn. She has strong, well formed opinions, and isn't afraid to share them. She is caring and sensitive, and above all else loyal to a fault. Do not cross her though, that's asking for a world of hurt!
That Kendle over there is very intense about people waiting their turn. Don't cut in line in front of her.
by Big'lilSis February 04, 2010
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Beyond gorgeous girl. Very smart and intelligent. Although are very sensitive and stubborn. Not afraid to share their own opinions. usually are very active and always full of energy. They tend to laugh at almost everything and very easy to they along with. Kendle’s are very sweet and kindhearted but can also tear you down in a second. Most Kendle’s have blonde or dirty blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Guys find them very very attractive, and are great in the bed!
Look at the girl over there, Looks like a Kendle.
by Drtittylover February 10, 2019
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An extremely intelligent boy who is also the coolest person you will ever meet. If you ever meet a Kendle you will realize that he is much smarter than you. However, he is also extremely humble and kind.
Girl: Omg Kendle is so cool and amazing!
Boy: I know right! I wish I could be like him!
by The God of Europe May 29, 2019
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A boy who is caring and sweet and the most kindness person you could ever know he will always be there when you need him so if you get a Kendle treat him right cause he may or may not give you a second chance
Girl: hey are you?
Kendle: I’m good about you?
by Samantha Hernandez December 22, 2017
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