Pron. "\ˈkär-məl\" -- how many people say the word, "caramel"
I'm going to the store to buy some chocolate, carmel, and brown shurger.
by Telephony March 31, 2015
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Carmel is a suburb on the north side of Indianapolis. Many wealthy people live there including sports stars and CEOs. This may be the reason that many "Carmelites" call themselves rich. However, most of the people that reside in Carmel are not "rich". This brings me to a good example: in Carmel, some say that there neighborhood streets are lined with "CEOs, Presidents, and VPs". In reality, it is more like "$100,000 in debt, $200,000 in debt, and $300,000 in debt".

Most of the neighborhoods in Carmel are made of modest size houses, only a few have houses that one would consider "huge". You will also see a lot of Mercedes and Jaguars around town, but don't be fooled because most of these cars are leased. If they are not leased, then they probably require the last few cents of their paycheck to pay the bill for it. I say probably because like I said earlier, there are a select few in Carmel who can afford to write a check for a S600 Benz.

You will be able to tell who is living paycheck to paycheck in Carmel by walking inside their home. Even if it is a large house, look at their furniture. Does the house seem empty? Does the couch look 10 years old? If you get the sense that the furniture doesn't match the house, they are most likely in debt up to their eyeballs.

Carmel is a very materialistic community. You are defined by what you posses. For this reason, Carmelites find the need to buy a nice car. Since most of the people who live in Carmel are not capable of purchasing an S-class or a 7 series, they opt for the bottom of the line C230 Benz or the 325i BMW.

For some reason, there are a lot of "Wiggers" that go to Carmel high school even though there are almost no black people living in Carmel. The kids also like to talk about money. You will often hear "I just bought a $300 dress at the mall yesterday" instead of the modest phrase, "I just bought a dress at the mall yesterday". They think the more something costs, the more important they are as a person. This is the general mentality there.

Zionsville is a neighboring suburb also considered "wealthy", but you won't find many people in Zionsville acting like it. They have been taught the importance and respectfulness of modesty. You would never know the difference between the kid in school who drives the 750Li BMW and the one who drives the 1999 Camry. Zionsville has always been "old" money and Carmel is considered "new" money. This shows by the way people act. Old money has no need to prove their wealth, they have grown up knowing they have money and so have their parents and so on. In Carmel, the people go to college and get a good job then fall into money. They feel the need to show everyone that they now have a 6 digit paycheck.

Bottom line is if you want to put yourself in huge debt to keep up with the neighbors, move to Carmel. If you want to retire early and leave money for your kids, move to Zionsville.
Carmel - $150,000 paycheck. $90,000 after taxes. $4,000 mortgage payment x 12 = $48,000. 2 $600 car payments x 12 = $14,400 (includes their only 2 vehicles). This leaves $27,600 for other bills and necessities.

Zionsville - $150,000 paycheck. $90,000 after taxes. $0 mortgage because they already own the house. 1 $600 car payment x 12 = $7,200 (they already own the other 3 cars in their garage). This leaves $82,800 for other bills and necessities. See the difference.
by coltstimebaby December 23, 2007
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1. The improper spelling of the word "caramel," a sauce made over the stove from sugar, butter, and the occasional addition of cream.
The ignorant second-grade dropout couldn't find carmel sauce in the grocery store because it doesn't actually exist.
by Annikka January 27, 2007
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A suburb in Indiana, north of Indianapolis with extremely hot girls who look like models. Many people in this town are very rich and have big houses but there are the occasional run down neighborhoods in the south part of carmel that poor, trashy people live in such as Home Place. The best part of carmel is on the westside where the richest people live and where all the best parties are. There are some good parts of carmel on the eastside but not as good as the westside. A lot of attractive, good looking people liver here, especially girls. Many people in the neighboring towns such as zionsville, fishers, and especially westfield try to act like carmel kids and hangout with them but in reality they're just pathetic and desperate and wish they could live in carmel and be like the people. Carmel High School is the best school to go to and has the best academic and sports programs. The football team especially is awesome and goes to the state championship every year. Overall carmel is just an awesome place to live with awesome people.
Damn that girl has to be from carmel she's so sexy

That party is so carmel

Eww look at those ugly westfielders they always try hang with carmel kids.
by anonymous32323232323232 June 23, 2011
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For fucking idiots who say car-a-mel wrong.
"I love carmel on my ice cream."

"It's fucking caramel, you heathen.
by caramel_luver 69 January 15, 2020
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A city in Indiana where there is too much drama, everybody is spoiled and rich, and all the kids are snobby :)

Also, hated by other cities nearby for our awesomeness.
Kid 1: That guy looks nice.
Kid 2: He's from carmel.
Kid 1: Nevermind, I hate him.
by iheartkesha March 18, 2011
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