Careface is a statement which should be used to show a severe state of not caring. It should be said aloud and directly after a threatening stimulus comment (e.g. shown below).

The statement "careface" could also be accompanied by an actual 'care-face' which is a sarcastic sad face.
"I'm reporting you to the principal!"

"I'm leaving you!"

"You're under arrest!"

"Son, I'm afraid your mother has died"

"You have only days to live"

etc. etc.
by workboots91 March 25, 2008
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1. A state where you really don't care at all. It's allowed to add "the" as a prefix to move the superlative form over to ultimatesuperlative-form. Can also be mixed with the form carefacezz to control the degree of careface.
2. Plural of the word careface
"oh shitfuck, I forgot my keys"
"We forgot to buy cheese, and tacoshells!"
-"wheren't we going to eat tacos later on? Carefaces for me, I wanted pizza anyway"
"My bike got stolen, but I was just like -theeee careeefaceez"
"c'mon lets play football"
-"carefaces" (group replying)
by krissern January 27, 2009
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mostly used on the internet,

something you say to someone that want to shut the hell up; basically a stronger way of saying "I don't care"
12:06am <EeP> i cut my finger
12:06am <EeP> really badly
12:06am <EeP> :|
12:06am«@ excess-TeLP-iO» careface
by zak May 13, 2004
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used on the internet created in the gaming comunity.. means i dont care in a strong sarcastic way.
A> I got owned
B> careface
by dj_rodri_ss December 24, 2004
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a face that doesn't care. mainly used by people from the south of england. used mainly in chatrooms. usually said after a comment that a person has made that has no impact upon someone elses life.
jack:some guy wanst to know if i can play football for his team this sunday.
by karl9999 April 11, 2008
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^ thats hte careface
A: I just got hacked
B: :o Careface
by Violat0r January 8, 2005
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