1.) adjective: compassionate, warm-hearted, loving.
2.) adjective: tenderly concerned and helpful
3.) adjective: affectionate
4.) idea: kindness, sympathy, understanding
When she was crying, her caring friend gave her a hug.
by Dannielle September 10, 2004
I don't care; don't bother; piss off. Originated in IRC conversations, as an offhanded direction to leave the current channel and cry to the channel where people care.
<+n00b13> Today, I was emailing my professor about what chapters our test is on this afternoon. She accidentally emailed me informing me of the date she went on last night, including that she "got laid... yay!!" and a picture. I still don't know what chapters I'm being tested on.
<fred> #care, faggot.
by n00b13 April 21, 2009
Means you don't give a flip about what someone said previously.

Used a lot in chat rooms especially OTS channel on battle.net servers.
USER1 "My mom died in a plane crash last night"
USER2 ":care:"
USER1 "that is mean, how dare you!"
USER2 ":care:^2"
by Pedro Sanchez June 19, 2006
1. Something men promise to be roughly 9 months before the baby is born.
'hey billy, be careful''
by thesarcasmguy January 4, 2016
a cross between caring and kindness, with a dash of consideration
thank you for your careness
by an anonymous person October 12, 2006
you want to reconstruct what once was.
hoping that theres no expiry date.

but what was is gone, dust and you don't want to fool yourself into being 22 again. So what is it really you are reconstructing?

if you believe in the concept of soul, you believe in timelessness. And if the soul can have a mate, they too are out of time. So its not about recreation, rebuilding, but a continuation of a tie that hasnt had much care lately.
why do we shut down so easily? Is that what they call growing old. we don't have to believe in age. in time.

(p.s. do you know what i mean though? this isnt about "ex", "crush", "back again", you are not my ex right? I was just trying to depict this tiny hopeful flame that could be our bond. and i think my soon to be action is proof of that hope. without essential expectation just care. and telling you all this, having the audacity to be open makes me wonder what your thoughts are and if i ever find out.)
by Couch sweet potato May 19, 2019