A very common saying among young people today, especially in Catholic Schools, meaning the opposite of the intended meaning of the word (i.e. I don't care).

Variants include "Will care," "Do care," and "Care about ____."
"Do care about math class"

"Go Raiders Woo!"
"Care about the Raiders."
by Weet Head Beagen December 21, 2005
Carelis is complicated. She doesn't know what she wants. She just wants all your love and affection and if you ever, ever find a Carelis, keep her they're really hard to find. I mean yea, maybe she's a bitch but she's nice and caring. She is confused girl in a really big world. But, she's a wonderful person, she just needs a self-confidence boost if you don't help her, she might do something she will regret. #lovecarelis
Carelis is so special but weird and funny at the same time!
I wish Carelis was my friend.
by Lely4835 January 18, 2018
-short for "who cares";
-said with a new york/staten island accent
-invented by careselo ratto (;
Teacher "did you do your homework"
Student "cares"

Debby "you smell"
Bob "cares"
by kingcareselo September 6, 2010
/Careli/Agictive/-A person who is descrbied as a stupid weird person with alot of emotions
Wow that girl is a great example of a careli
by Careli March 15, 2018
used to express to someone that you don't give a shit about what they have to say. Basically a shotrnend version of "Do I care?"
Tim: " Hey man I just made my own T-shirt."
Joe: Care?
by TurboTramp March 26, 2009
A short term to express the phrase “I really don’t care.” When the other person said something rude or unwarranted, you say “cared” to show that what they said means nothing to you and is honestly purposeless.
Adam: “I’m sorry babe I can’t pick you up from work anymore, i’m too lazy.”
Lisa: “Cared adam. You don’t ever show you care about me.”
by cheymed April 4, 2019
Usually if someone is nice to you they are usually the ones who don’t get much love and care but they don’t want you to feel the same
Caring hi
by ili_cool12 May 13, 2020