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Carelis is complicated. She doesn't know what she wants. She just wants all your love and affection and if you ever, ever find a Carelis, keep her they're really hard to find. I mean yea, maybe she's a bitch but she's nice and caring. She is confused girl in a really big world. But, she's a wonderful person, she just needs a self-confidence boost if you don't help her, she might do something she will regret. #lovecarelis
Carelis is so special but weird and funny at the same time!
I wish Carelis was my friend.
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by Lely4835 January 18, 2018
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/Careli/Agictive/-A person who is descrbied as a stupid weird person with alot of emotions
Wow that girl is a great example of a careli
by Careli March 15, 2018
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