A newer whiny phrase often used by pissy fanboys to indirectly infer that a certain storyline in a set continuity arrogantly does not exist, regardless if at all.
"I do not like that video game, Sonic Battle. Therefore, since 'I' do not like it, it is not 'canon' in the series' story! I have created a new trend! Now no one will play it anymore because IT'S NOT CANON!!" -BadCase#44755890002
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Canon is the most amazing guy. He’s very funny, but can also be hurt on the inside too. he acts like it’s okay, but it may not be. Canon is a guy worth caring and giving your life for. he’s the sweetest person every, and is incredibly good-looking.
girl 1: “Ugh, Canon is so adorable...”
girl 2: “please stop. Canon is mine and he’s amazing, i thought i should let you know that before anything happens.”
girl 1: “good luck!”
by meme meme emerged September 28, 2017
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Canon is someone who is outgoing, tries to be funny, and a ladies man. He’s a complete flirt so be careful! Canon is NOT someone to be in a long term relationship with, rather be would like one night stands or flings. If Canon really has his heart into something though, he will commit fully (rare) also his dad may or may not be a complete dilf!
Canon is always flirting with those girls!
by Real onion 101 June 05, 2020
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He is the most sweetest person you will ever meet. Always knows how to treat a lady. If a canon is in love, he will never let go of that person. Canons usually are pretty shy but if you get to know him he will be kind of cringe. But it’s the cute kind that will make you want to kiss him.
Canon is so sweet.
by Idkmannnn23 December 29, 2020
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If his name is Canon he’s extremely gay
Wow that Canon guy is pretty homosexual
by ItsMammasBoi November 20, 2019
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