The real deal; a piece that is widely recognized as a genuine member of the body of work (oeuvre) of a given artist/writer/composer; a standard by which all others are compared.
I just finished reading the "canonical list of auto plurals" on
by khiddy June 2, 2004
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The standard form of a mathmematical equation that can be written in many ways, making it easier to compare to other forms of the same equation.
The canonical sum of products form for representing the boolean function OR is simply A + B
by mkalo June 4, 2004
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(1) In agreement with the religious law.
(2) In mathematics, the obvious or natural choice.
(1) Canonical Investiture is the act by which a suzerain granted a fief to his vassal.
(2) Let f be the canonical map between X and Y....
by Steve M June 4, 2004
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someone or something that would be really cool to launch out of a canon.
Yo, that chicken is very canonical.
by shane stahl June 3, 2004
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Something an obsessed Dr Who fan can pretend is an episode of a television programmes which stopped being made years ago.
Of course "Worzel Gummidge" is canonical.
by kd June 3, 2004
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(canonical, canonically, canons)

A word to describe something that is true to the original story.

Things considered “canon” are basically considered “true” (in the story).

-Similar Words:
Not Canon; Something that isn’t true to the original story.
Head-Canon; Usually used when someone creates their own AU (Alternate Universe), and adds their own “canon” part in their story.

Usually describes fiction.
Often confused with “cannon”.

Can be used in sentences as;
“George was not a canon character is the series, but they used it in their AU, regardless.”

“My AU was not canon to the original plot in the movie, but I think people will like this spin on the story.”

“They had made their own head-canon, where Lucy had survived the explosion.”
by EggyYolkZ October 16, 2021
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Relating to a canon. The word is mostly used in fan fiction to describe a piece of information as official.
Canonically, the Among Us impostors are an alien species that can shapeshift.
by Slymeball January 26, 2021
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