a dod that as been infected by a otk overload and cancer at the same time.
boy:what kind of dog is he
girl:a cancer dog
boy:oh well wanna listen to sixnine and drink lean
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Tobacco found in cigarettes or just tobacco in general.
Jimmy’s over there puffin on some cancer kush.
by Revnorb666 April 29, 2021
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the cancer of the bladder which is from the mutation of cells. Carcinoma, AKA transitional cell carcinoma, is the most common form of bladder cancer and starts in the cells in the bladder wall’s layer. this results in many deaths and has recently been diagnosed to a close friend of mine. get well soon Rozza
man "Rozza has Bladder Cancer!"
by Sammy Falz June 8, 2017
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Magic car tires found rarely in nature that can cure cancer.
Thanks to Tires against cancer, my cancer was cured!
by Ligij September 27, 2023
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