Courtney Love had a cancer stick dangling at the side of her mouth while she signed autographs. She is known for her chain smoking.
by Babydoll75 March 5, 2019
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Person 1: "My aunt died because she wouldn't quite smoking that damn cancer stick !"
Person 2: "My grandma did as well!"
Person 3: "How tragic! I'm still trying to get my uncle to quit!"
by fuck-me-grande November 9, 2020
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i.e. a cigarette. One way a smoker might difuse a non-smoker's disapproval of nicotine use. Use with a sarcastic tone of voice. See also killer stick.
Chet: Hey Jill, see you're still burning up those cancer sticks.

Jill: Screw you, Chet.
by ignor July 5, 2003
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a cigarette(from the fact that smoking causes cancer)
My older half-brother went outside for a cancer stick.
by Light Joker December 27, 2005
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cigarettes - so named because of their carcinogenic effect.
my boyfriend's mother died last week. the damn cancer sticks did her in. if u smoke, reader, you might die a slow painful death too. please don't.
by minghi May 22, 2003
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