Usually a damn hott chik with brown hair, a great body, and beautiful eyes. She is usually a great girlfriend and a even better best friend.
Can is soo hott, and man i think shes single!!!!
by Can Lover July 26, 2004
A term for a blood in heavy armour. This word is particularly awful to those sick of puns about canned food.
"Listen, can, you may wear enough body armour to look like a tin of sardines, but it won't help you if you get run over by my Escalade."
by Zed Numar July 22, 2021
Another word describing you house or your car.
I will be glad when I get a new can.
by Willy May 26, 2003
An Afri-can or a Mexi-can
That fucking can dropped his watermelon!
by StuWert May 16, 2008
Lying nude on your back and lifting your two legs and spreading them as wide as you can, so you are showing your balls and your asshole to surprise people walking by.
Damnit! Benjamin just showed me the can-can.
by Keefer St. Aubin November 1, 2007
parisian burlesque dance ( with pasties )
tra la da boom de yah, can you do the can can hootchie moma!

there is a place in france where the women wear no pants.
by itichie_nocanpo July 2, 2006
The act of anal sex in a restroom. Putting it in her can, while in THE can.
Last night at the restaurant, we slipped into the bathroom and I gave her the can can.
by PGF March 3, 2007