Another word short for spray-paint! Usually only used by graffiti writers!
Yeoo I got some cans back at the crib let's go out tonight and destroy!
by Joz 1nr Nyc December 10, 2009
You once said I can achieve whatever I want… (other account)
The only thing I want to achieve is to be in your arms, to wake to you holding me, to have a tattoo with you!
I love you!
And only YOU can fill this is!!
by Dreams789 March 19, 2023
A very intelligent person, who really likes cats, especially when they are in heat.
She's such a Can!
by imadethisforthecan January 28, 2009
a San Francisco word meaning something sucks
That new Hulk movie is can
by Anonymous June 16, 2003
shortened word for ameri-can
is she a can? , isn’t he that can that comes to our school?
by jeeeperz September 8, 2020
To insert one's penis into an orifice.
Wouldn't I like to can that cornhole!
by assbandit October 30, 2003
Something you pee in
I cant hold, can you pass me the can
by Poop FAce butt November 20, 2019