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The belief that you are better than any body else (history) Cameronism began around 1991 A.D. It is base around the rejection of the opinions and beliefs of others. In Cameronism, the Cameronists opinion is considered the absolute and utmost authority. Follows of Cameronism are also coincidentally filthy rich. Wealthy children usually convert to Cameronism when they realize the world will not shower them with material possessions as their parents did. It would seem that follows of Cameronism would not be concerned with popularity, but their religion is just a fall back for when their futile efforts to keep up with the crowd (i.e. spiked hair, faded pants, rap music) fail. They may also receive a guitar around the 13th year of life. The Cameronist does not necessarily need to know how to play guitar, just how to tell people that he or she does. Cameronists will only play when there is someone to impress. If the person is not impressed, their opinion no longer matters. Fortunately, the lives of Cameronists are short lived. Around 20 years of age, Cameronists become extremists, attempting to teleport through walls, fly and walk through intersections, believing that the forces of physics, gravity and speeding vehicles are inferior and no longer apply to them. They will walk into the ghetto believing they are black, shot, and after a long and painful recovery enter the white neighborhood, and are shot for no apparent reason. But mirrors are the greatest killer of Cameronists. They will come to believe that their own reflection thinks its better and the Cameronist will seriously injure him or herself sissy slapping the glass.
I am a strong believer of Cameronism, bow before me mortal!
by Keegan Meuris October 30, 2004
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An unhealthy attraction to people who are sick or broken in some manner. Refers to the character Dr. Allison Cameron from FOX's popular television series House, M.D., where she displays affection for Dr. Gregory House because she believes he is bitter, sad, and lonely.
Jared: "I missed House M.D. last night because I was at SCSI's house to keep her from cutting herself again."

David: "Weren't you with Kristin last week?"

Jared: "Yeah, but she is just not the same after she 'came to christ' and got off crack..."

David: "Dude, you should see a shrink about that Cameronism."
by ExtremeRW February 24, 2007
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