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To rape a unsuspected ass hole while while holding a wooden banana and balancing an egg on your nose.
Did you hear he pulled a cameron later night.
by Caldawg49 March 01, 2017
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A Cameron is a cowardly man who often has a weird obsession with pork.
He kept staring at my pork sausages but when I asked if he wanted some mashed potato he ran off and hid...he is a Cameron!
by Rascal G November 16, 2018
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Someone who makes promises then flops it and lets everyone down!
Johnny was meant to drive us to the festival, we had planned it all out and all spent all our wages on a big weekend but the night before he went down the pub, got wasted, pulled some bird, spunked all his cash and now no one can get hold of him and he has left us all in the shit. That guy is β€˜a Cameron’. I would never trust him again.
by Rascal G September 29, 2019
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