A nice and kind girl at times. She might say some crazy stuff but, if you are cool with her then she will be cool with you. She is one of he best friends to have because she will listen to your problems, joke around with you(make you laugh), and comfort you and etc. She is very open minded and independent. She will fight her own battles without anyones help. She knows how to do some good stuff like: Cook, clean, and design new things. Don't judge her from the outside because the inside has a lot to bring.
Kate: "Asha is my best friend."
by #Kia January 18, 2018
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Asha is a best friend you never want to lose. She will stand up for you in any situation and be right by your side. To go along with her beautiful personality is her beautiful appearance. Most times asha will speak her mind if she isn’t comfortable. If you have an asha in your life you are a lucky duck.
Friend:hey asha

In friends head:I’m sooo happy I have a asha

Guy:I want asha she is soo beautiful

Friend:no she is mine
by R.V.H April 24, 2018
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A beautiful girl, she is loyal and enjoys music, if you have an Asha in your friend group she will probably be listening to music the whole time, stick by her she is kind and will do anything to help people in need.
Such an Asha
by Kangaroo girl_9 June 8, 2020
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A girl/woman blessed with outstanding beauty. She turns heads every where she goes.
person 1: oh that girl is beautiful!

Person 2: She must be an Asha
by urbandictionary11111 January 19, 2013
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Appears quiet and innocent but don't let her fool you. Likely has a big ass. Very loyal friend. Don t make her angry.
Asha is a loyal friend
by Thicknfabulous17 November 9, 2017
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This girl is the most amazing girl u can ever meet in your life, she is so funny and can make your laugh when ur upset, she is Tooooo kind and sooo caring, she sometimes struggles with opening up her feeling towards others but if she does she’s a keeper, she has a crazy side to her but is very fun to be around, she will probably be one of the prettiest girls u will ever meet And she may not believe it all the times u tell her, if u ever meet an asha never let her go because she is to precious to let her go,

Ps: She toooo bloody beautiful
Person 1: I think I’m in love with someone

Person 2: let me guess is it asha
Person 1: how did u know!
Person 2: because it’s asha how can u not be in love with her ,she just to amazing
by Romzislit September 14, 2019
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The most beautiful girl in the world, she's perfect in so many way's. She has the most amazing little cheeks with dimples. Asha has the most beautiful face you will ever see and she can make people's day with her amazing smile. Her eyes are so deep, they're a beautiful brown and she's my brown eyed girl. Asha is sexy and has one nice booty and boobs which every man wants a look at. Overall Asha is the nicest person you will ever meet, they care about everyone and are so stunning.
My girlfriend is such an Asha.
by JoshSmith November 22, 2012
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