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Kamal is a person that will finesse u and u not going now if it was him.kamal is savage, sexy, he on some crazy shit he be gang banging. Trust me kamal is the person u need in your life.
Kamal is a finesse God
by Xx_masterk January 02, 2018
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A male who is intellectually stimulating and knows how to please a woman. He knows how to carry himself in a respectable manner and is very patient, he's a bit shy and very good listener. Every boy dreams of being him. He is super smart but still got more swag then most boys. All the girls love him. He is really charming. He has devilishly handsome features along with an irresistible French tongue 😜😉😏😍

He's one of those people you can have a great and long relationship with.

He's super cool.

Kamal makes me tingle!
The girl said No, she probably has a Kamal in her life.
by El_Chuey February 07, 2020
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a really cool handsome tall funny guy with a big dick that has loads of sex and can get any girl he wants and will probably end up stealing your girl
“kamal is so cool i wish i was him”

“i want to fuck kamal so badly he’s so hot”
by kamal September 12, 2020
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A man named kamal has a big dick. Is very handsome. Can fuck any girl he wants to.

Can pull any girl. Is loyal. A good person
Kamal is Daddy basically
by Use this June 15, 2020
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Hottest man alive, he's kind, caring and gets lots of girls.
Vera: omg is that kamal?? he's so cute and hot
ria: omg you're right, I want him ;(
by TestTaste October 05, 2020
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Probably the kindest sweetest guy you’ll ever meet, he’s a fucking sexy ass guy with a big ass dick who is the best at basketball and loves to have sex but a great guy
bro be careful Kamal will bag yo girl
by Rainbowlover449 May 18, 2019
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