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A good sized suburb of Chicago, IL. Many killer gangs. Corrupt police and officials. Al Capone ran this town in his heyday
We're going down to Cicero for a Ki'.
by Don Apollo April 02, 2006
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Street in Chicago. Primarily known for the overwhelming presence of crack and herion
Every time I ride by Cicero them G's always be yellin "Rocks and Blows, Rocks and Blows!"
by West $ide May 31, 2006
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Greatest Roman Orator of all time. And if you think not you are a flamer!!
You Homosexual son a bitch, Cicero was not gay!!
by Ogrepup November 27, 2003
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A suburb right next to Chicago's west side. Once a blue-collar neighborhood of Italians and Poles, Cicero is now the nexus of the Mexican Invasion in Illinois and is now a lost cause. Corrupt government. You might as well BE in Mexico. Kind of like Mordor from LOTR.
White guy: "Are you from Cicero, man?"
Mexican: "Yeaa, esse! Viva La Raza!"
by Lucien K. October 25, 2006
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Cicero is the coolest person you can ever meet.He is usually an amazing, funny and gorgeous person but provking him won't go to well. But apart from that he's a caring loving person who doesn't love him.He doesn't get into gangs and enjoys life while it lasts so he makes the most of it. He is also extremely intelligent.
'' Oh Cicero where do you live ''
'' Can I crash over to your place I'm bored ''
by Jason Brown August 17, 2018
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