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A sex position where you arch, hence the name, your head between your partner's legs and go at it.
Guy: You want me to arch you?
Girl: Ohh yes please
by crmaster77 October 31, 2017
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arch, to arch /ahrCH/
verb transitive

to desire to cause harm, foil plans, and generally create aggression against targeted individuals or groups, used esp. with supervillains
We go around "arching" people at work.
by Dr Girlfriend October 26, 2011
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Short for archetype.

An adjective used largely by writers when referring to plot and characterization elements that are less about realism and more about thematic and metaphorical resonance. Most references to the term are negative and refer to parts of a story that are cheesy, forced, or inconsistent (e.g. a character goes against their established personality just to include a refusal of the call).
Steve Rogers using a garbage can as a shield at the beginning of Captain America: The First Avenger is such an arch bit of blunt foreshadowing.
by Alexander Peregrine August 12, 2012
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Arch is a slang term for the phrase Archracist; meaning (comparative more archracist, superlative most archracist)

Extremely racist and hateful towards anyone who isn’t white.
Person 1 - “Stay away from that guy, he doesn’t like colored people”
Person 2 - “Why not?”
Person 1 - “He’s Arch and doesn’t believe colored people should have freedom or rights”
by ConcernedActivist December 21, 2019
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To snap ones teeth at another person.
Jimmy looked at Patty and said "arch".
by Jonathan February 03, 2005
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Kind of thing usually said by someone drunk as an Irish and disgusted by something gruesome
Math: Man I tell you that waiter is fucking flirting with you!!
Vince: Uh.. really?
Mel: Yup!!
Kev: Yup!!
Math: YUP!
Vince: ARCH!!!!!!!!
by Mathieu Grenier October 03, 2004
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