St. Peter is a suburb of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in where a bunch of identify confused preppy city boys try to act like rednecks. Constantly seeking acceptance to the "Holyland" of Wisconsin where the people are badass drinkers who know how to have a goodtime.
Guy 1: See that guy in the truck wearing that Lacoste polo?
Guy 2: Yeah, whats his deal?
Guy 1: He got drunk off a wine coolers and threw up on himself. He's from St. Peter.
Guy 2: What a pussy.
by The Straight Shooter April 19, 2011
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A pearl necklace on Bill Gates' and/or his daughter. This makes a "Pearly Gates" and St. Peter will now grant you entrance to heaven.
Joe thought St. Peter must be near when he saw a pair of pearly gates. And then St. Peter asked for sloppy seconds.
by Deuce46 January 10, 2011
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a person who will watch young men for hours dreaming of them afterward.
2.)a young manly sex goddess
3.)a large boobed transvestite
1.)"I think that St. Peter has been watching me shower everyday!"
2.)wow what a st.peter
3.)that guy is totally a st.peter, how weird!"
by strangelady October 14, 2007
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St. Peter's is the basically the same as a Nazi death camp. It goes from kindergarten to 8th grade. Up to 4th grade it seems like a nice school. 5th grade up... its a nightmare. The teachers are evil. The uniforms are crap. The nun smokes and the kids are very afraid. The kids who go there are mostly rich even if they think they aren't. Some are cool and some are dicks. Ever since the theater was closed down now they have nowhere to go but cold stone. Not to mention a lot of the kids who come out of that school end up very racist because the white to black ratio is like 90:1. Feel bad for these kids. I'm one of them.
I cant wait to get out of St. Peter's.
by Mike McMiker February 8, 2009
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This school in three words : hell boring bad
Hell boring bad st peters
by School rater December 14, 2019
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small town in south east england. a strange mix of chavs and rich people dwell there. the only useful shop is budgens everything else has to be bought elsewhere. usually if you live there you just say you live near london
bob: where do you live?
dick: chalfont st peter
bob: where?
dick: near london
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An all boys Preparatory school in Jersey City, New Jersey. As the alma mater for some of the brightest minds of New Jersey for over 150 years, St. Peter's has been a strong point of the Jersey City community, making up for what destruction Hudson Catholic brought since 1962.

(warning): Hudson catholic students will have to use a dictionary in order to understand the full meaning of this definition
When Hudson attempts to ketchup students at a school they leave the packets closed.

When Prep retaliates, we beat there ass in the county finals 46-45
by Marauder Nation April 14, 2005
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