v. To fail to make a complete stop at a red light or stop sign, especially when turning. Also known as a California stop.
"She got ticketed for a California roll."
by wayfarer April 28, 2005
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1)sushi ordered in Japanese restaurants by white people or virgin sushi eaters
2)contains imitation crab meat, avacado, mayo, cucumber, seasame seeds, dried seaweed, wrapped inside white rice (no raw fish)
whitey #1: "eeewww yuck raw fish, i don't eat bait that's like totally gross. can i order a hot dog or burger."

yuppie: "order some california rolls, it's like as cool as yoga and the other asian crap i think i know about to appear to be cultured and sophisticated when all i'm doing is following some stupid trend started by celebrities."
by Paulo Y. October 5, 2004
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A Californian's response to the "Stop" sign.

The California Roller slows down slightly while rolling through an intersection as an acknowledgement that the local Department of Public Safety has gone to the expense and trouble of placing a traffic control sign or blinking red light there.
"No California Rolls at the stop sign - you must come to a complete stop." (as donated to the UD by my wife, the driving coach)
by denver coonass March 19, 2008
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The true name of the popular term california stop.
Jeff california-rolled through the stop sign/traffic light when turning right.
by Eric Zaccaria March 14, 2005
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The act of pulling up to a stop sign and instead of stopping completely, you quickly look for other oncoming traffic and drive right through the designated stop.
cop Do you know why I pulled you over?
Driver For the California Roll i just did?
by Dj Hitlerjugend April 2, 2011
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A term used to define someone who claims to enjoy Asiatic cultures , but wants or demands fundamental changes to any vaguely Asian or Asian inspired media bought to the West in order to suit their personal, usually poor tastes. Often, these will fly in the face of either the original content or authorial intent, and is almost always for the worse.

A common example of a California Roll is the average video game localizer.

The verbal form, California Rolling, is to deface Asian inspired media by deliberately applying clashing ideas and cultural concepts to the setting in a non-synergistic, often embarrassing manner.
Noun example
Person A: "Why does Fire Emblem Fates read so much worse in English?"
Person B: "It was translated by California Rolls, what do you expect?"

Verb Example
4Kids(2002-2008) was a animation dubbing company which would bring over anime from Japan and would California Roll it, sometimes making manic changes like claiming rice balls were jelly donuts.
by Psuedowoodonym August 14, 2023
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Strictly white people's type of sushi. This, by NO means, is a real type of sushi which features rice INSIDE the seaweed.
real sushi is rolled inside the seaweed, unlike he california roll.
by KRHimself March 9, 2005
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