Term used to descride not comming to a total stop at a stop sign.
Person in car: ahh man, why did u pull me over?
Cop: well, u did one helluva california roll and go back there at that stop sign!
by DA BOSS! March 29, 2011
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When you are playing PvZ heroes and your opponent rolls a 3, 2, and a 3 on with their block meter immediately after blocking the turn before.
What the heck! He rolled a California Roll and blocked two turns in a row.
by DnskcnsmkAaaaa April 11, 2021
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root: California rolling stop

when driving in Mexico and you blow through a stop sign. reasons for executing a baja california rolling stop include: not seeing the stop sign because: a) it is non-reflective and difficult to see in low light, b) the intersection it is placed at makes no sense at all and does not even need a stop sign, c) it is hidden behind trees or other obstructive objects, d) the stop sign is bent and is not even facing in the driver's direction
dude, noah totally just pulled a baja california rolling stop. he blew through that stop sign on the way to el paisa.
by troyharris March 19, 2011
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While giving anal outdoors in the summer, you donkey punch her so hard, she spews liquid shit everywhere, resembling an exploded pizza roll.
Ayo girl, want a california pizza roll?
by BabyWhiteSeal January 28, 2016
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A person from California who is the worst.

See obnoxious, smug, rude.
"Last night at the party I was talking about how I wanted to climb a mountain someday and Whitney kept rudely interrupting me and was gatekeeping hiking."
"What a California cunt roll!"
by votme October 04, 2018
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When a guy shoves a spring roll on his dick and fucks a hoe, yelling I'm from Cali bitch
How did my california spring roll taste
by biggieballz July 30, 2015
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When you put it in a girl's butt until she poops in the shape of a cinnamon roll then you put some icing on that shit with your load
I gave that bitch the California Cinnamon Roll and made her eat it.
by Thekingofnut January 04, 2017
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