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Military phonetic expression of incredulity. Army Creole for "NFW," or "No Fucking Way"
"You fucked Corporal Skankie? November Foxtrot Whiskey! She's not even desert pretty!"
by denver coonass March 18, 2008
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A Californian's response to the "Stop" sign.

The California Roller slows down slightly while rolling through an intersection as an acknowledgement that the local Department of Public Safety has gone to the expense and trouble of placing a traffic control sign or blinking red light there.
"No California Rolls at the stop sign - you must come to a complete stop." (as donated to the UD by my wife, the driving coach)
by denver coonass March 18, 2008
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The official language of the United States Armed Forces when off-duty. First documented as such by Tom Wolfe in his classic "The Right Stuff." Easy to learn and use because it has one main word, the word "fuck," which can be modified or used to serve as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb and gerund.

An classic example (not for the purposes of this entry) of Army Creole is the legendary exclamation of a platoon sergeant whose squad's machine gun jammed during a fire fight in Vietnam - "Fuck! This fucking fucker's fucking fucked! Get the fuck over here with the solvent and rag, you fucking stupid motherfucking fuck!"
Fuck! D'you hear the fucking Ell-Tee just now? He fucking broke out in Army Creole after he fucking read our after-fucking acrion report. Fuck me! We're fucked, man!
by denver coonass March 19, 2008
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a student in a physically demanding training course (like automobile driving) who shows up with one or more major disabilities (for example, untreated Tourette's Syndrome, absence of all but one finger on one or both hands, IQ of 60 or below, cerebral palsy, other profound physical or mental disabilities) which went unmentioned by student's parents because they didn't want the student to be treated "differently from the other kids."
"Woops. We have a stealth student over there... Mom and Dad forgot to mention that he's a high-level quadriplegic when signing him up for defensive driving over the phone."
by denver coonass March 18, 2008
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Terrorist in a Lab Coat. Refers to someone allowed into the United States from somewhere in West Asia or the Middle East on an H2B visa to do technical work their sponsor is too damn cheap to pay an American with the same qualifications to do.

So-called because some of them experience SJS (also known as Sudden Jihad Syndrome) and decide the best way to share their religious faith with others is to take out a shopping mall full of kids and unarmed women with a Chinese assault rifle or a Korean SUV. First heard on an episode of the television series "ER" (the racist bigot fat guy desk clerk used it to refer to the hot desi chick who was a resident on the show when she first appeared).
"Guess what - the systems analyst slot PeopleHard was interviewing for was just filled by a tlc."
by denver coonass March 18, 2008
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