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n. a construction worker, driller, miner, or roofer, from working outside in the sun, and because they often fit the definition given above.
by wayfarer May 5, 2005
n. "the bench;" the bench team sports players sit on during gameplay. To "ride the pine pony" means to sit out of a game because of an injury, a suspension, or, especially, because a player sucks.
"His torn ACL has him riding the pine pony until next season."
by wayfarer May 1, 2005
proper noun: The New Jersey Shore; Literally, "down to the Shore," or "down at the Shore."
"We went downashore for Memorial Day."

"Have yiz been to my house downashore?"
by wayfarer April 30, 2005
v. In the South West U.S., racing 4WD vehicles over rough, rocky terrain. Also called dune racing, or in California, womping
by wayfarer April 28, 2005
proper noun (regional U.S. English): the state of Rhode Island, as said with a Rhode Island accent. This spelling, popularized by "Providence Phoenix" mag columnists Phillipe and Jorge, probably comes closest to the actual RI accent centered in Cranston (Cvan-stin) and Providence. The RI accent is most aptly characterized as a cross between the accents/dialects of Boston/South-Eastern New England and Long Island, NY.
c.f. Rhode Island, Rhodese, Roe Dyelin, Providence
by wayfarer August 22, 2005
n. a poor, scraggly kid from the wrong side of the tracks, who lives by his wits (or petty theft) but has big dreams.
c.f. hood rat, projects, dog town
by wayfarer May 5, 2005
Noun: (orig. Massachusetts, USA) the wearing of an excessive amount of cologne by a man (regardless of ethnicity), especially when this is done instead of showering. This is alternatively known as a Puerto Rican Bath in other parts of the country.
Sean was late for work, so he just took an irish bath on his way out the door.
by wayfarer March 16, 2006