39 definitions by wayfarer

n. 1. a tattoo, especially a large tattoo, or a back tattoo.
2. one section of a tattoo completed at more than one sitting
by wayfarer May 02, 2005
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v.: to steal, in particular, to steal drugs

cf: nick, lift, gank, snag,boost
"i pinched an eighth from his stash."
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
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n. "the bench;" the bench team sports players sit on during gameplay. To "ride the pine pony" means to sit out of a game because of an injury, a suspension, or, especially, because a player sucks.
"His torn ACL has him riding the pine pony until next season."
by wayfarer April 30, 2005
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n. Mounted police force, such as in NYC, Providence, RI, etc. Var. spelling: mo' po'
c.f. Po po, Po' po', Pro po
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
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proper noun (regional U.S. English): Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A., from the city's nickname, Brick City.
c.f. Brick City, Nork, Newark
by wayfarer August 22, 2005
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n./adj. A derogatory term for a Hispanic-American or Filipino-American perceived as being out of touch with their heritage; i.e. a person who is "brown on the outside, white on the inside;" from the Spanish word for coconut
most commonly used by members of the same ethnicity/nationality
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
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n. New Jersey slang for a common type of cap with a flat, soft top and a short brim popularized by Kangol Co., Samuel L. Jackson, and, of course, the Godfather films.
"He has a Corleone to match all his shirts."
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
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