When someone does something really cool that took an outrageous amount of luck or effort. Sometimes it takes lots of planning.
Dude 1: I'm going to make this basket from 100 feet away!
Dude 2: Shit, can you really?
*Dude 1 makes the shot*
Dude 2: Shit Dude! That throw was calculated!
by prismajas April 27, 2018
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Anyone who turns on their location for everyone when they are plotting is calculated (and a loser).

because they want others to see what they’re doing
by JC47 September 26, 2023
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'Calculated' is a term used in Rocket League which means that something occurred with proper timing.
Chat disabled for 3 seconds.
Chat disabled for 3 seconds.
Chat disabled for 3 seconds.
Chat disabled for 2 seconds.
Chat disabled for 1 second.
Me: Calculated
by SirJohn021485 August 31, 2020
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Bob: Dude, you're a math major. 105 - 80 is 25 not 15.

Bill: You just got calculated.
by glberns October 24, 2010
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Guy 1: Have you seen my brain?

Guy 2: what? you lost your brain?

Guy 1: yeah, it is green and had buttons on it, oh yeah it say "Texas Instruments" on the front.

Guy 2: dude, that's a calculator

by Who The Douce Are You? April 12, 2005
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You really got a 36 on your ACT? You're such a fucking calculator
by theurbanpoet69 April 26, 2020
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Malware dev's most admired system program to test whether their remote access trojan works
*plays multiplayer game* zOmG!! teh calculator have just opened by itself!11

by ­­ June 18, 2021
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