1. Incredible man of perfect posture. Their jokes are absolute Bangers and they’re an outright hilarious person. An absolute man magnet as well as incredibly cool. When they aren’t being hilarious they are being incredible at everything else and being VERY manly. What’s not to love about this incredible human being.

2. The name of a pile of rocks found on top of hills. Often used to signify the highest point or to provide Hansel and Gretel like directions.
1. “Cairn is quite possibly the most hilarious person I know. Last time he cracked a joke I almost shat my pants.”

2. “I have decided that I am going to go camping with Cairn beside the nearby Cairn.”

3. “Did you know that there are only 128 people called Cairn in the world? It just shows how lucky someone is to know someone of such status.”
by Not Cairn September 30, 2019
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A simple pile of rocks, mainly useless, unless you like rocks..

Not very interesting.

"I'm gonna go make a cairn"

"I'm gonna go knock a cairn down"

"Why do cairn's exist?:/"
by Larabofsoban January 18, 2012
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A common name for girls in the West of Scotland. A pleasant girl, always looking out for other. She’s always laughing and if she isn’t, she’s making others laugh, normally extremely pretty .
Who’s that? I don’t know but she looks like a Cairn.
by pasghetti lad July 21, 2018
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The buzzards were flocking to eat the cairn.

You ain't a man until you've sat down and ate breakfast next to a pile of cairn.
by 6doublefive321 February 8, 2009
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a tiny city in far north Queensland where all the fuck-heads live.

the best gangs kids and fuck go to school at cairns high and redlynch state schools.
the rich snobs go to saint monica's, saint Augustine and T.A.S.

the kids whose parents want them going to a "good school" send them to saint mary's catholic college but don't realised heaps of fuck boys and pedo teachers are there and fights happen 24/7. also, phones are eternally banned.
the area where majority of kids hang out is cairns central or centals/centralz if you are defined as "cool/popular".
cairns is a city for scum kids.
by skeetskeetyeetyeet October 4, 2018
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A place in Northern Queensland, home to the esplanade and alot of people, most of them being abo's and jap's and their rice burners. Tourism capital of Queensland. Lots of gangs,skaters, Crews and wannabe scenekids hanging around attempting to be seen and heard.
Scene kid: "Us Cairns-ians are so hXc."

Crew member: "We'll tag your shop windows like there's no tomorrow."

Skater kid: "But we'll fuck you off the most with our feral antics."
by Rhiiiiiiii September 21, 2007
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Cairns is the best name that a person could possibly have. While people with this name's extremely rare, all the people with it are absolutely unmatched to anyone in the universe. Cairns' are always loved by everyone, and also one of the very people to trust and love. They are great care-takers and always care for people around them. They are known for trying their absolute best to give emotional support to people, and always help anyone at literally the best they could. Not to mention their out of the world multi-talents which include: musicality, ability to perform/sing, and hyper-realistic artistry. Most importantly they are also known for their great academic talent and ability of seamless teaching.
Cairns is one of my dearest friends.
by realityexpert November 24, 2021
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